New website now live

The new website has now officially launched and we would love to get you up to date with how to get the most from all our hard work 🙂

The new website has primarily been introduced for you to find out any information that you require. We have created different tabs which act as shortcuts to get you to the parts of the website that we think customers will want to visit more frequently. These are Home, Menu, Locations, Book a Table, Blog, Contact Us. A click on any of these will take you directly to the right page 🙂

The Menu can be downloaded onto any computer or phone and at the touch of a button you can now access our complete table menu which will show you what we do from breakfasts to our burgers. The only thing you can’t see here is our drinks, daily specials and cold desserts but we can assure these are just as tasty 🙂

The Locations tab does just what it says. It takes you to a page which lists all our bistro’s locations and addresses. It also shows them on a map and if you click on one of the destinations google maps will start with directions to take you straight to us 🙂

The new Book a Table tab will take you to a form. You simply have to select the location that want to book at and fill in the form. If you request an email confirmation we will send you one straight away. The bistro will then get all the information from your request and will reserve your table for you 🙂

The blog tab will bring you straight to my articles 🙂 I will be constantly updating you on all of our latest news and offers and I will share this across our Facebook pages. Keep a look out for all our delicious new food and offers.

Finally the Contact us tab will again bring you to a form. Simply fill out the form with any questions you have and we will get back to you 🙂

Now that you know all about our website and how it works, what are you waiting for. Go and have a play at